'Hold me close, under the sunset and let God's reds and oranges soothe your eyes, like this is all a dream.'

Welcome to MARTIN SCOTT PARKER dot com

This page is dedicated to hosting music from one of the finest ALTERNA-PUNK-PORN-SHOCK-ROCK bands of the 90's: CRETINS BONGWATER REVIVAL

You'll love 'em, you'll hate 'em, either way, they'll leave a lasting impression on you. The Cretins are one of Tulsa's legendary original bands, pioneers in shock-rock, and just good ol' kick-ass rock & rollers. Check out their "SEEDY RELEASE" You'll definitely want to listen to these songs and order a CD ... follow the navigation link on the left

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In addition to the Cretins, on this site you'll find links to MP3 CITY, in which you'll find rare and likley never before heard tunes from artists that will expand yoru mind. You'll also find live web cams, music video downloads, xxx streaming porn, and a gallery of cheesecake art by A. Vargas c. 1940's. You'll also find other random galleries and forgotten web content.

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